UOAC-6 Canbus Upgrade Alarm


This product is only sold on the supply and fit basis by Brant corporation as to install car security you need a security licence.

Average price per car is $595 supply and fit depending on what car you have.  Its best to call us and check.

This universal upgrade offers any factory remote keyless entry system the capacity to become a full security system with a siren.

This can bus upgrade alarm system fits most euro cars from 2005 onwards and most Japanese cars from 2018 onwards

Most new cars electrical systems communicate between computers by a data system called CANBUS. This alarm works with the cars canbus system and factory remote controls. The Antitheft alarm system arms and disarms off the factory remote control all from the cars Canbus system.

* Protects all doors, boot and bonnet

*Uses existing factory remotes

*Emergency over-ride pin number

*Flashing  Dash LED (red)

*Black wiring

*shock sensor

*option of adding a

-tracking system,

– Tilt sensor

–¬†ultrasonic sensor



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