VT2 3G GPS tracking System


Cant sleep at night worrying about where your pride and joy is ?  Whether its a car, boat, caravan or even machinery if its got a battery it can be tracked.

This tracking unit uses a normal mobile phone sim card.. Average sim card cost  $15 per year

. The kit includes:

*SOS button, if there is an emergency hold the button and everyone programed in the system will get an SMS and phone call from the tracker.
* Microphone, so if you call the car you can listen into the conversation/ thief.
*Cut out relay so you can shut down the starter motor so the cant be driven.
*SMS the unit to find location, set up geofence , speed alert.

Additional option.
*tracking APP $176 annually
*Can be wired to our A3A alarm system to arm and disarm alarm via SMS

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