PGM3 Digital Keypad Immobiliser


Digital Key Pad 3 Point Immobiliser PGM3

The Digital keypad is a three point immobiliser,  including, ignition, starter motor and electronic fuel immobilisation, with a black wiring harness.

A strong feature of this system is an “anti car jacking” operation. It is suitable for most vehicles that have a “seat belt icon”. The anti car jacking system is automatically activated at the time of the “car jack”. After a minute (enough time for the car jacker to make good his escape) the car will start to “engine” flutter slowly and at the same time reducing the cars speed, until eventually completely immobilising the vehicle. If the car is idling, e.g.such as waiting at traffic lights or is caught up in traffic the vehicle will immediately shut down.

The system comes with an internal screamer siren that will continue to “chirp” during the car jacking and will go into “high pitch screamer mode” making it very uncomfortable for the occupants when the car finally comes to a halt. The car cannot be started again until the “owner” enters their P.I.N. The idea of the internal chirp, besides creating a distraction for the thief, is also a warning to the owner that they have accidentally tripped the “anti car jacking” mode.

The owner can choose their own four digit code number.

This is the same system that has helped to eradicate “car jackings” in the top of the range Subaru WRX as well as stopping theft through “Hot Wire” attempts.

• Auto Arming – Manual Arming – Valet Mode
• 3 modes of operation
• Back lit keypad
• 3 Point immobiliser
• All Black wiring

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